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Tech solutions to optimize business operations

Our goal is to create, incubate, and collaborate on tech solutions to optimize business operations and unleash the magic of sports and live events. We help our customers leverage the latest technologies to create new revenue streams, create operational efficiencies, and bridge the sports world back to the new normal. And then we'll spin off the best ideas into their own companies.

The Latest From Macrodemic

Our Companies

Macrodemic spins off their first company, Web3 Startup Credenza, and secure initial funding.

Macrodemic invests in Rock Daisy to drive the future of Athlete Management Systems.

Connect with people who are fans of the same teams as you! Celebrate, laugh, & cry with your team. We bring the game atmosphere to you!  


Rock Daisy

Home Team

So, what is it you say you do here?

We're a team of experienced executives and technologists who have a special perspective on the sports & live events industries. We think sports and live events are great, but as veterans of the industry, we also see an infinite sea of opportunity. We identify the most exciting opportunities, incubate solutions in parallel, and test them in the market with our pilot partners. When one clicks, we will spin it off into a company.

If it sounds like IdeaLab, it should.

Do you have a technical focus?

No. We have founders who know the Blockchain well, but also have experience in big data, broadcast/streaming, web services, mobile, etc. Our goal is to start with the customer problem and incubate solutions. We have a particular set of skills, skills we have acquired over very long careers. That's what we plan to bring to this critical inflection point in the sports & live events space.

Live events? Weren't we just in a pandemic?

This is the perfect time. We hope to use the COVID recovery period to unobtrusively create new revenue streams, cut expenses, and bridge the sports world back to normal operations. In addition, there is a larger sea change that is going on in sports. Betting, Social Justice, Collectibles, eSports, NIL (Name, Image, Likeness), and 5G connectivity. Sports is reinventing itself and we want to be the change we wish to see in the sports world.

How do we collaborate with you?

We are working with select teams/partners to help us pilot our nascent technologies to help us determine applicability and refine the offering. Our goal is to innovate in ways that our partners couldn't do on their own. Create solutions, fail fast, iterate quickly, and find the business models that will change the business. If you're interested in working with us, we'd love to talk.

Do you invest in existing companies?

No, but we are partnering with startups to create hybrid products that accelerate our development and address specific industry needs, while helping them go to market more effectively. For funding, we recommend you reach out to Mindspring Capital, where Sandy is a General Partner.

Have you shipped anything yet?

Credenza was the first company to come out of this model and we have others that are going through our process. Stay tuned...